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Salus - New Hospital Programme Services

The New Hospital Programme (NHP), is a promising government initiative authorising new hospital projects across the NHS.

Salus is St. Vincent's NHP team specialising in the digital elements of new build hospitals. The benefits for the patient and NHS staff are clear – though we understand that this is unchartered territory for many NHS organisations.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care described it as: “a long-term, strategic investment in the future of the NHS… to ensure our world-class healthcare staff have world-class facilities to deliver cutting-edge care and meet the changing needs and rising demand the NHS is going to face in the 2020s and beyond.”

Quality and Value for the NHS

The St. Vincent's Salus team have been working within the NHP, influencing and aligning work to the NHSX Blueprint documentation. Having delivered NHP assignments across several different Trusts, we are one of very few suppliers to have experience of:

  1. Alignment with NHP digital standards and best practice
  2. Creating outline NHP Digital Strategies and Target Operating Models.

You'll experience our Salus advisors as people with personality, integrity and immense experience. Most have led the NHS at C-Suite level and the rest hold a wealth of experience and tenure in healthcare organisations. Importantly, they all have lived experience in balancing complex digital programme delivery against a backdrop of NHS pressures.

Our lean and agile structure ensures that we can efficiently meet the demands of our clients, making us the ideal choice for those who seek a consulting partner that goes beyond completing tasks and truly understands the intricacies of their industry. Additionally, because we lack the burdensome overheads of larger firms, it allows us to operate with agility offering targeted, specific services at reasonable rates. Choose St. Vincent’s for a consultancy experience characterised by our values of quality, integrity, value and empathy.

Important News for NHP C-Suite NHS Leaders

After working with several Trusts and at central NHP level we are fluent in the digital elements of the NHP programme. However, St. Vincent's understands that this is an untrodden path for many NHS leaders who face a daunting process. Improving patient outcomes and contributing to the success of the NHS is our passion, so, to support the NHS, we are launching an NHP series on LinkedIn. This will include tips and strategy from our Salus experts as well as other NHP specialists.

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