Larry Murphy

Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CDIO)

Larry has been in IT since he was a child, his first real job was as a trainee programmer right out of school, and he’s stuck with IT ever since. His career has taken him abroad, to Canada and the USA for almost eight years, then to the UK and thanks to COVID is now taking the stairs to work at home in Ireland.

He’s big into family and believes that ‘Happiness is a kitchen full of family.’ His background, although always technology related, spans a varied spectrum of industries; banking, trading, chemical, travel, international consultancy, the public sector in no less than three countries and now the health sector.

He loves metaphysics and nature and spends a lot of time walking the wonderfully lush hills close to his home (even in the rain).

A kindred CDIO spirit with enough Irish charm better than a pot of gold.
Larry Murphy
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