We transform health and care organisations

By employing experienced IT leaders, we deliver helpful, informed support that has the power to truly improve patient outcomes. And just as health and care are focused on the patient, our approach is driven by understanding the human need at the core of every problem.

Smart Solutions, Strategic Minds, and Cost-Effective Consulting

Our mature consulting group is attuned to the nuanced needs of our NHS clients and because we lack the burdensome overheads of larger firms, it allows us to operate with agility offering targeted, specific services at reasonable rates.

A Consultancy with Heart

Our Luminary advisors hold a wealth of experience and tenure in healthcare organisations, most have led the NHS at CEO/CIO/CNIO/CCIO/CFO/NED level. We're all about the good vibes and our consultants are people with personality, integrity and immense experience. Also, our team have been in our clients shoes with the demands of balancing complex digital programme delivery against a backdrop of NHS pressures on all fronts.


We are on a range of Crown Commercial Services (CCS) frameworks, including:

  • Management Consultancy 3
    Lot 7 Health, Social Care & Community
  • G-Cloud 13
    Lot 2 Cloud Software and Lot 3 Cloud Support
  • Digital Outcomes 6
  • Cyber Security Certified
    Cyber Security Services and Cyber Security Specialists
  • Digital Health Advisory

Want to talk more about this?

We’re happy to chat through the procurement process for each framework and explore the best route for your organisation.


If we look after our healthcare services, they’ll look after us. So we’re driven to pioneer digital transformation that improves the lives of clinicians, staff and patients.

Paul Tonner

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