University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Digital Vision


The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust collaborated with St. Vincent's to catalyse their digital maturity by carrying out a HIMSS baseline assessment. This provided a roadmap and a clear understanding of their current maturity status. Our Luminary team (comprising NHS CIOs, CCIOs, CNIOs, CFOs, NEDs, and previous supplier executives) served as guiding lights through their EPR and PAS implementations and addressed other strategic considerations. The aim was to help Trust leaders feel confident and empowered to drive forward their Trust's digital agenda.


NHP principles were integrated into every facet of our approach. We achieved this by drawing from our experiences collaborating with the central NHP, supporting the technology elements of an Outline Business Case (OBC) for a Trust in South-East England, and providing OBC advisory services for a Trust in South London.

St. Vincent's New Build Practice brought valuable insights to the table. This collective knowledge informed our work and added value to the Trust, ultimately strengthening their Digital Vision. The resulting Vision now serves as the cornerstone for a comprehensive Digital Strategy and supports various OBC initiatives.


The assignment focused on influencing and refining strategy for the greater good. It empowered the CIO to articulate a clear vision across the Trust, resulting in the creation of a robust digital roadmap. This provided the leadership team with a nuanced understanding of a digital vision, distinguishing it from an IT strategy. Additionally, the new deputy CEO utilised the roadmap to formulate well-informed, digitally goal-oriented plans. We continue to work with the Trust and remain dedicated to supporting their digital ambitions.

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