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Digital Transformation

As a generation, we've only touched the surface of Digital Transformation advancements, and we already see significant advancements in the NHS. Let's see which areas are getting the most attention online.


Coming in hot at number one are Electronic Health/Patient Records (EHRs and EPRs): The use of digital systems to store and share patient health information electronically. It aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of patient care and reduce administrative tasks for healthcare providers.


We've already experienced this one propel into our lives during Covid-19...It's Telemedicine: The use of technology to provide remote healthcare services, such as virtual consultations and remote monitoring. One of it's most advantageous uses are it will help reduce inequality and increase access to care for patients in remote or underserved areas.


You guessed's Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): The use of these technologies to analyse large amounts of patient data and improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses and treatment plans.


Unfortunately, the NHS knows this one all too well... Cybersecurity and data protection: As the NHS handles sensitive personal data, the implementation of digital technology increases the risk of data breaches, so it is essential to ensure that digital systems are secure and that patient data is protected.


In a world where the customer does their own admin, why not ease the load on the NHS administrative teams and support patients to do their health admin too? We have Patient engagement and empowerment: The use of digital tools to engage and empower patients in their healthcare, such as through mobile health apps and online portals that provide access to their health data and allow them to book appointments and communicate with their healthcare providers.

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