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Exciting News: Our Blog Post Featured in techUK's Social Value Campaign Week

We are proud to announce that our recent blog post with Mandy Rayner has been featured in techUK's Social Value Campaign Week 2024, focusing on the crucial theme of wellbeing!

In this blog, our Luminary Advisor, Mandy Rayner, explores the transformative potential of technology in enhancing wellbeing and promoting health equity. Drawing from her extensive experience and expertise, Mandy delves into various avenues where technology can directly and indirectly contribute to improving wellbeing and health equity.

From harnessing sophisticated Electronic Patient Records (EPR) to implementing an innovative prioritisation tool at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with St. Vincent's Consulting and The Health Informatics Service (THIS), Mandy underscores the crucial role of data-driven interventions.

Moreover, Mandy addresses critical challenges hindering health equity, such as digital inclusion and language barriers. She proposes forward-thinking solutions, including AI-driven translation services, to bridge these gaps and foster inclusivity in healthcare access.

We are proud to have Mandy Rayner's insights featured in this inspiring campaign, emphasising our dedication to contributing to Social Value and driving innovation to help bring about positive change within the NHS!

Read the full blog over on techUK’s website, here.

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